Brittany Lenise graduated from Philadelphia University with her Masters Degree in Global Fashion Enterprise. While there she got the opportunity to study abroad in Hong Kong, Shanghai, & Shenzhen to visit garment factories, meet with international fashion executives + entrepreneurs, all while enjoying the food, culture, and city life. From there she was inspired to start a lifestyle blog--after having to create a vlog as apart of her grad school project, which came so naturally to her! After graduating she moved from Philly-her hometown, to the Greater NYC Area to pursue her life-long dreams in the fashion/business industry. She has held positions in marketing, corporate retail positions, brand ambassador, sales...in addition to freelance modeling.

Today she is the founder of CityStyleBritt.Co, a lifestyle website created to serve women in finding their personal style, things to do in the #city, traveling tips, + deep connection with the power of inner-love !  This platform was launched December 23rd, 2016 in hopes to uplift, build community, and connect readers to great brands to shop, places to go, and to simply enjoy life! Brittany is truly passionate about helping others feel great about themselves and finding the love + light within--which is why she feels called to share this journey with you all!