The Power of Love


"Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness."-Rhonda Byrne

So, over the summer of 2016 I read a book called “The Power.” I came across this book scrolling through quotes on Pinterest. If you're familiar with the author Rhonda Byrne then you probably know she's the author of the book called "The Secret"-speaking of The Secret, I haven't read the book, but I have watched the film/documentary 3 years ago. Anyway, as I came across this book I remember reading the title saying to myself...I definitely want to feel more powerful, let me see what this book is all about. After I read the back of the book and the first chapter, I purchased it.

This book added to my knowledge of positive thinking and gave me a better understanding of using the power of love. Often times when many of us think of love we reference our family, friends or significant others, however love is so much more than just loving those who love you back. This book is a reminder of the power each of us already possess-through gratitude and love. Being grateful is key, it can multiply everything in your life while eliminating the negative. Secondly, giving love to every part of your life allows you to have this unlimited ability to bring everything good that you want into

The Power also touches on love in all aspects of our lives including money, relationships, health, feelings, the keys to power, most importantly self-love, + more. Whether we realize it or not the law of attraction responds to exactly how we feel and our thoughts, so whether those are good or bad feelings, realize that you are giving those out and they must return to you. Who wouldn’t want love to return to them in their lives? Read this life-changing book, you won’t be disappointed. The Power