Best Apps to Sell Gently Used or New Clothes, While Also Keeping Your Closet Organized



As many already know, I love to keep things organized in my life, as it helps me with clarity and inspiration! One of the many things I keep organized every season is my closet. Keeping my closet organized is essential to these 4 things below. 

1. Finding my personal style, making it easy for me to narrow down on my style direction

2. It helps me discover a few things I actually need, versus buying things I don't need

3. I get to decipher between what I could potentially sell or giveaway

4. The goal is to live a more minimalist lifestyle with key (classic/glamour) items

So with all this said, one of my best tips to get you started on organizing your closet is to color code your clothes (keep your blacks together, blues together, etc.) ! It seems tedious at first, but I promise, it's definitely worth it. You get to have a better look at the pieces you already possess and things you haven't worn in a while that could be styled many different ways! It also makes it easier for you to select your day to day outfits based on your lifestyle...(ex: do I feel like wearing prints today or all black?... you can easily go to that section that you've organized by color.)

Once I complete my closest organizing I love to place the sell worthy items on my favorite app Poshmark! It's such a fun and simple way to sell your items to others. What I love most about this app is the pre-shipping labels created each time you make a sale and the free priority shipping bags at the post office...for selling on Poshmark!

"Poshmark is the largest social commerce marketplace for fashion where anyone can buy, sell and share their personal style. With over two million seller stylists and millions of shoppers." What's cool about this app is that they definitely want to help you in growing your posh closet, by hosting PoshParty Live events in different cities, a PoshFest that provides insider tips on marketing and branding, along with the opportunity to become a Posh Ambassador! If you're not on the app already and want to make some extra cash through items you're no longer wearing, definitely download this app



My best Posh Tip for all of you is to send little thank you notes to your buyers inside their packages, (like my picture above) it's such a great way to show gratitude to your supporters, while keeping them coming back to shop your closet for more !

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